Install the Redmine-Mylyn Connector for Eclipse

Redmine has a really nice user interface. But many developers want to access the repository from their favorite IDE. With Eclipse this can be done easily with the help of the Redmine-Mylyn Connector. The plugin offers a full 2 way integration between the two.

Redmine-Mylyn Connector is a mature plugin which has seen more than 3 years of development. It is also in active development, keep pace with Redmine's evolution. It's maintainer, sven-k, is doing a great job and is very prompt to answer all the bug reports.

Installing Redmine-Mylyn Connector is a simple 2 step process.

Install the Redmine part of the Redmine-Mylyn Connector

Go to redmine/vendor/plugins and download the plugin using git:

git clone git://

Restart the web server and the Mylyn Connector Plugin should be listed in the plugin list in Administration/Plugins.

Next you'll have to enable the REST web service. Go to Administration/Settings/Authentication and check the Enable REST web service field.

Install the Eclipse part of the Redmine-Mylyn Connector

First of all add the update site for the Redmine-Mylyn Connector. If you want to use the stable release, add the following URL:

If you want to use the latest version, than add the development URL:

After adding the update site, install the plugin.

Configure the Eclipse plugin

Create a new task repository by selecting the Add Task Respository. Choose the Redmine connector and fill in all the details. I recommend you to use the API-Key option for authentication, as it can be more reliable than the user/password combination.

To determine the API-Key, open Redmine, go to My account and click the Show link under the API access key section in the right panel.

Now you can query your tasks by creating a new Query in the Task List view.


I have redmine 2.2.3 and plugin 2.8.2 and latest mylyn connector 0.3.7 and it doesn't work - cannot add comments and attach context and files and many many errors.

I have same error, I have redmine 2.2.3 and plugin 2.8.2 and latest mylyn connector 0.3.6 and it doesn't work, do you solve it?


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