CentOS 5.x NetInstall

Installing CentOS 5.x using the NetInstall method is the easiest way to get the system you need without going through the pain of downloading 8 CDs or a full DVD.

In this article I won't go through all the steps of installing CentOS, because there are plenty of good tutorials on the net. I will highlight only the steps I've found more interesting for this kind of installation.

Download the CentOS 5.x NetInstall ISO

    Select the right ISO image:

  • CentOS-5.7-i386-netinstall.iso
  • CentOS-5.7-x86_64-netinstall.iso

Now burn the image if you want to install it on a real machine, else make it available to the virtual machine.

Boot the image

Boot the image and select the text mode if you want the fastest way to install the system. To select the text mode, just type linux text at the boot console.

On the Installation Method screen, select HTTP.

On the HTTP Setup screen, put the following details:

  • Web site name: MIRROR NAME
  • CentOS directory: centos/5.7/os/i386

Instead of MIRROR NAME you should put the host name of a real CentOS mirror. Check it out on the official CentOS web site.

The format of these fields gave me some headaches until I got it right.

Package selection

On the Package Selection screen make sure you deselect everything. You can install all the packages you'll need later.

This minimal install will take about 550MB of your precious Internet bandwidth.

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